1.Sauvignon Blanc, Ladera Verde, Chile
Crisp and dry with aromas of passion fruit and green apples. A perfect sauvignon

2. Pinot Grigio, Amanti, terre di Chieti, Italy
Simple and fresh apple and pear flavours

3. Chenin Blanc, Bains Way, South Afri a
Aromas of ripe guava and peach infused with delicate spice

4. Chardonnay, Casa Riva's, Chile
Nice balance of oak, a touch of spice & elegance. bring out the chicken dishes
5.Muscadet, Celliers de la Roche
Dry uncomplicated fruit flavours with crunchy apple-skin astringency at the finish
6. Saint Veran, Domaine Thomas, Burgundy France
Classic ripe melon flavours wirh a complex mineral finish and a citrus edge, the perfect white burgundy
7. Viogner,Le Jade Pays d'Oc France
Clean and fresh with hints or orange peel and quince on the palate. The modern choice....
8. Sauvignon Blanc, Stony Bank New Zealand
Aromas of cut grass and elderflower with clean, tropical fruit flavours
 9. Chardonnay, 'Big River', Australia
Full, buttery flavours, classic chardonnay. classic oz
 10. Gavi de Gavi, Manfredi, Piemonte, Italy
 Ripe peachy fruit flavours with very appealing and elegant balance of good acidity, perfect with pasta
11. Macon-Chardonnay France
This is from the Adnams selection. A pure unoaked chardonnay. Fresh and full of flavour. Fabulous wine


12. Pinot Grigio Blush, Amani Italy
Delicate summer fruit flavours and a refreshing light finish 
13. White Zinfandel Foxclover, California
Red berry flavoured rose with soft sweetness


14. Cabernet Sauvignon, Casa Riva's Chile
A mouthful of soft blackcurrant with a dry finish
15. Merlot,Ladera Verde, Chile
This is a lovely plumy merlot fruit with a ripeness that is unique for Chile. easy and very drinkable
16. Shiraz, Big River, Australia
Lovely  full, spicy fruit, easy drinking, very shiraz. very oz
17. Primivito, salento, Amanti del vino Italy
Lively, mouthfilling, brambly fruit, easy drinking very trendy 
18. Pinot Noir, Stony Bank, New Zealand
Bright crimson coloured wine with aromas of fresh cherries and raspberies with very fine tanning
19. Rioja, Crianza, Puerta Vieja, Spain
Traditional sweet oak aromas with dark fruitcake flavours
20. Shiraz, Head Over Heels, South Eastern Australia
Mouthfilling combination of blackberries, coffee and vanilla
21. Cotes du Rhone, Vielles Vignes les Coteaux du Rhone
Warm ripe fruit flavours, very Rhone. The French classic
22. Malbec. Bodegas Gouguenheim, Mendoza, Argentina
Big flavours of cherries and plums. The pefect Malbec


23. Prosecco, di Conegliana spumante, Il Colle, Italy
Delicious appley flavour and pleasant fruit acidity, tjhe trendy sparkler....
24. Prosecco, di Conegliana spumante , Italy-  Mini bottle
elicious appley flavour and pleasant fruit acidity, tjhe trendy sparkler....
25. Malbec Rose, Bubbles Brut, Bodegas Gouguenheim, Mendoza, Argentina
A new twist on Malbec- fresh, dry, pink fizz
26. Champagne, Alain Bergere-Reserve Brut
Attractive biscuit aromas and characterful Pinot Meunier fruit from an individual grower. Shows
what benefit bottle age can have on a good champagne. 
27. Adnams Selection Champagne, Brut Rose, France
Aromas of red fruits, lively and fresh on the palate. Start the celebrtions
28. Moet et Chandon. Brut NV
One of the greatest Champagne brands 
29.Dom Perignon, Brut Moet et Chandon £150.00
Elegant yet youthful, distinct hint of yeast and toasty maturity, with powerful finish  




Wine List





30. Sancerre, Terroirs Domaine Sylvain Bailly, Loire
 Fresh. grapey fruit with a steely edge and fine mineral finish. Salads and fish dishes match well with this dish
31.Montagny 1 er Cru, Chateay de la Saule Burgundy
Full flavoured,a touch earthy and with a light touch of oak Absoultely wonderful 
32.Chablis 1 er Cru Montmains, J-M Brocard Burgundy
A fine premier cru from one of Frances finest regions 
33.Chateauneuf du Pape, Domaine du Rempart
Big and heart warming, just as it should be. Ideal with big steaks or cheese 
34.Syrah, John Forrest, Collection,Gimblett Gravels, Hawked Bay, New Zealand
Full of black peppers, sweet plums and cedar wood. Highly recommended 



35.Dessert Wine, Adnams Selection, France
Sweet and elegant to accompany any dessert, available by the glass £3.95 125ml